Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pintrest Inspired Valentine's Part Deux

Welcome to day 6 of Toys In The Dryer 14 Days of Valentines! 
From January 25 through February 7 we'll be posting non-stop Valentine's posts to celebrate this lovely holiday.

Last year we shared with you some of our favorite Pins floating around out there and it was such a huge hit that we thought we'd share again this year. Rather than give Pinterest the linky love, we'll be linking you directly to the websites the pins originally came from.  Feel free to pin stuff you like from the original source or find them on our Valentine board and re-pin them from there.

Top 14 Pintrest inspired Valentine's (in no particular order)

14. We love you because...yup it's one of ours and it was so popular that we're sharing it with you (and our newest readers.

13. My heart belongs to you. We love this project because it is something kids of ALL ages can do and be proud of.

12. Snowflake Valentine. How cute are these Valentine's? Crafty, easy to do, and fun for the kids.

11. Wax Paper Hearts. Simple to do, recycle old crayons, and create something new!

10. Panda Bear Valentine's Box. I mean come on! This is too cute NOT to make!

9. Valentine's Day lunches. A little extra time can mean a BIG difference. I know it makes my kids smile.

8. Valentine's Day Tic Tac Toe. I bet you have all of the supplies in your house. My kids love to play tic tac toe so I know a little added LOVE will make it even more fun.

7. Valentine's Day bath. I know this is meant for the kids but this could be a great idea for me to keep tucked away for Valentine's Day for my hubby too! I love the use of bubble wrap to add some extra fun!

6. Heart Bracelets. I saw all the tools needed for this project in the dollar section at Target. This is a great idea for fine motor skills.

5. Cupid's Treasure Hunt Jamie's fun filled treasure hunt with a Valentine's Day spin on it.

4. Be Mine Applique Shirt. It sounds difficult but trust me it's not...even a non-crafty person could pull this off!

3. Hand Print Valentine's. The best part about these is that they are a keepsake of your child's hand print too!

2. Woven Hearts. Come remember doing these when you were a kid!

1. Valentine's Crayons. Recycling at its finest! Old broken crayons made new again!

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  1. I would love to be able to try some of these with Squeaker. What fun!


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