Sunday, February 5, 2012

Woven Hearts

Welcome to day 5 of Toys In The Dryer 14 Days of Valentines!
From February 1-14 we'll be doing non-stop Valentine's posts to celebrate this lovely holiday.

Today we're doing woven hearts.  I showed the above photo to a few friends of mine and I got the same response each time--"I remember making those!"  Some made them out of felt, others made them out of paper like I did with my girls.  FYI: felt is MUCH easier to work with because it doesn't tear.  Here's what you'll need to make your own woven hearts:

  • Felt or paper of two different colors (we used paper because I was too lazy to get more felt) 
  • Scissors
  • Glue (optional)
The steps below are the same if you use felt or paper.

1)  Cut a long rectangle out of each color paper making sure they are the same size.

2)  Fold the rectangles in half, put them together then round the unfolded edge corners.

3)  Still folded, line up the two rectangles at a 45 degree angle.  Note (make a light line or mark) where they cross each other for the next step.  

4) Still folded, cut slits from the folded edge up to the mark you made in the step above.

5) This is where it gets a slight bit tricky...weave the two folded rectangles together at a 45 degree angle.  Weave the strips through and around each other.  Try not to rip your paper as you do this.

6) Glue a handle onto the heart to make a basket or glue the heart onto another piece of paper to make a card like Nutty did.

Did you make woven hearts in school when you were a kid?

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  1. What a sweet craft! Thanks for sharing!



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