2 Mom friends + 6 Kids = Toys In The Dryer!

Toys In The Dryer combines the humorous side of being moms with our desire to provide fun, cheap, and creative outlets for our children.  Activity/craft and snack ideas, laughable posts, and expert advice blend the best parenting.  We are hoping that Toys In The Dryer encourages us along with our readers to spend more quality time with our kids.  Here's to hoping you don't find too many toys in your dryer!

Jamie and Lindsi are 30-something year old best friends.  We have 6 kids total ranging from birth year 2006 to 2011, including a set of boy/girl twins!  We live 40 minutes from each other in the suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.  We love to spend time with our families and blog about ideas for living in the moment with them!
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