Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dot Candy Valentine's

Welcome to day 3 of Toys In The Dryer 14 Days of Valentines! 
From January 25 through February 7 we'll be posting non-stop Valentine's posts to celebrate this lovely holiday.

Disclaimer: I originally made the paper dot candy just for fun but then realized that they would make great additions to Valentines for kids.  I ran out of red dye so I was unable to make more in Valentines colors that's why my photos look more Easter-like than Valentine-like.

make your own paper dot candy

Do you remember paper candy? I sure do! I don't remember if I actually liked the flavor or if I just like the appeal of know...trying hard to get the dot of candy off the paper without leaving too much paper left stuck to the back of it. I like to think of all that paper consumed as fiber! ;)

Want to make your own??? It's actually really easy to do and kind of fun! You can stick with the traditional colors as I did or you can make them festive to the season such as pink, red and white for Valentines.

The recipe:
3 3/4 powder sugar
2 egg whites
6 T water
1/4 tsp Vanilla (or Almond) extract
Food coloring of choice
make your own paper dot candy

Mix all ingredients (minus the food coloring) in a bowl. Start out on low speed then change to high speed once the ingredients are all incorporated. Don't be alarmed at first if the "batter" looks REALLY soupy and will thicken up as the high speed goes on. Mix on the highest speed setting for about 10-12 minutes. Yay for my Kitchen Aid mixer...I couldn't stand there with a hand mixer for that long.
make your own paper dot candy

Transfer the batter into small bowls and add a dot or two of the color of your choice. Then spoon the batter into sandwich bags and cut a VERY VERY SMALL tip of the corner off of the plastic bag.
make your own paper dot candy

Carefully squeeze your batter onto wax paper or regular copy paper (please not use parchment paper as I did....the dots didn't stick to the paper and afterwards I wasn't able to cut the paper I had to transfer the dots to a bowl instead).  Let the dots dry over night and warn the kids if they touch they will be in huge trouble the dots will be ruined.

Attach a strip of the dots to your child's Valentine or better yet, make your own Valentine and put the dots directly on them!

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14 days of valentines

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