Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peanut Butter/Banana Smoothie

My family loves bananas but sometimes we don't eat them before they start to get a little too brown.  I usually end up putting the overly ripe bananas in the freezer for making cookies or banana bread later.  Yesterday, during one of my "duh" moments, I decided to make a smoothie out of one of the bananas.


For my smoothie I used:

*One over ripe frozen banana
*One cup milk
*1 Tbsp peanut butter
*1/2 tsp vanilla
*1 tsp sugar substitute (optional for a little extra sweetness)
*1/8 cup oatmeal (optional)


I microwaved the banana for about 10 seconds, just long enough so I could peal it but keep it frozen/slushy.  Then I sliced it up and put it, along with the rest of the ingredients in my awesome Magic Bullet.  I blended till smooth, poured it into glasses and served it to myself and my girls.  We LOVED it!

Does your family drink smoothies?  What type do you like?

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