Monday, January 14, 2013

Melted Crayon Formations

My husband was sick of finding tiny crayon pieces all over the house.  He was about to throw them away when I told him we could re-purpose the crayons.  He then remembered something he used to do with his mom when he was younger--Melted Crayon Formations.
The unfortunate thing is that he couldn't exactly remember what he and his mom did.  He remembered melted crayons and something about plunging them into ice water.  So...he went with that...
Melted Crayon Formations
The girls took the paper off of all the tiny chunks of crayon they had.  Then, much to my dismay, my husband melted the crayons in our egg skillet!  Oh well, crayons are non-toxic and the skillet cleaned up nicely.

While hubby was melting the crayons, I got out one of our large pots and filled it with ice water.  Once the crayons were melted, hubby poured the liquid into a metal cap from a jelly jar...
Melted Crayon Formations
...then he quickly plunged the cap into the ice water.  This caused the crayons to rise and harden quickly.  

Though my girls thought the formations were pretty cool, my husband remembers them being much cooler and much bigger.  I told him that all things like this are cool and bigger when you are younger.  He told me he was going to have to check with his mom to see if he did it right.

What things have you done with melted crayons?

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