Friday, January 18, 2013

World Unplug & Play Day™

We interrupt our normal Pinned it Did it! to bring you an announcement:

Tomorrow (January 19th) is WORLD UNPLUG & PLAY DAY™!

Play from Scratch™ and Toys In The Dryer challenge you (yes, we mean you) to take a break from your gadgets and just play for an entire day.  Shut off your cell phone, computer, and tablet, turn off the video games and mp3 players, unplug and play in the real world.  We don't care what you do exactly, just do something as a family that doesn't involve a cord.
“Technology can bring us together as well as distract us from what’s important,” said Jeff Freeland Nelson founder and CEO of Play from Scratch. “We think everyone should take the pledge, unplug for just one day and rediscover what it’s like to play in the real world.”

You can take the pledge and watch a video of kids making the case at  Organizations as far away as Bilbao, Spain have already jumped on board and are encouraging their friends to unplug and play.  “Our goal is simple,” said Nelson. “We want to give everyone an excuse to have a really fun day.”   Now get out there and play!  Lindsi and I took the pledge, we dare you to do the same.

About Play from Scratch
Play from Scratch™ is a toy company based in St. Paul, Minnesota dedicated to inspiring creativity, imagination and wonder in kids and adults through open-ended play using sustainable materials.  You'll be hearing more about Play from Scratch™ from Toys In The Dryer as we will be reviewing some of their products.  Jamie also had a chance to interview Jeff Freeland Nelson the founder and CEO.

We received no compensation for this post.  We agree with World Unplug and Play Day 100% so we decided to share it with our readers.

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