About Jamie

Jamie is the proud mommy of three kiddos- two of which were born to her, the other is her hubby….because let’s be honest, sometimes hubby's take as much work as kids do!  Her girls, Nutty and Tottie (real life nicknames), were born in 2006 and 2008 respectively.  She and her family, which also includes a Boxer, French Bulldog, and frog, live in a southern suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

Jamie started blogging personally in 2005 to keep her family updated on her difficult pregnancy and has kept a few private blogs since then.  Prior to starting Toys In The Dryer, Jamie ran a successful and educational blog called Mommy’s CameraMommy's Camera remains up on the web but is no longer updated regularly.  After all, Jamie would rather spend more time with her family than in front of a computer!

Jamie is the "brains" behind Toys In The Dryer as she knows how to tweak html codes, insert graphics, and fix all the mistakes I make. Many of our phone calls go like this: "Jamie, it's Lindsi. I added something to our blog and messed up the entire page, can you fix it.....again?"
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