Friday, October 7, 2011

Tissue Paper Flowers

Want something easy to do on a rainy day? Have a bunch of tissue paper laying around? Then this is the project for you! If you are like me you purchase tissue paper for gifts and always have a few pieces extra...I try not to toss it and I save it in a box. Well, now I you have a great and easy way to use it and to create a pretty flower! We love to make these for grandparents, I have each kid pick out the colors they want and then they each have one to present to Grandma or Grandpa...plop them in a vase and viola....a vase of flowers. You can use seasonal colors too, the ones below are my "fall" mum colors.

Here is what you need
Tissue paper
Twisty ties
Pipe cleaners
tissue paper flowers

Step 1: Layer your tissue papers on top of each other (usually 6-8 pieces works best)
tissue paper flowers

Step 2: Fold them in accordion style (back and forth)
tissue paper flowers

Step 3: Attach the twisty tie in the center

Step 4: Cut a decorative shape on each end (if you want)
tissue paper flowers

Step 5: Peal back each layer of the paper, one layer at a time
tissue paper flowers

tissue paper flowers
Step 6: Attach the pipe cleaner to look like a stem

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