Saturday, October 22, 2011

Costume making 101

Now, now...don't run off all scared when you see that post title...I'm not going to overwhelm you in anyway! I promise! There are four approaches to costumes, in my opinion, and I am going to share them with you!

Approach #1- For the crafty nerd, sewing fanatic, and mom who doesn't sleep
There are many amazing patterns out there that you can find to help you make the most amazing costume for your kids for Halloween. While I hate to admit it sometimes, I just really find sewing to be relaxing (I know- I'm a nerd) and I really enjoy making my kids costumes. Here are some great resources for patterns and fabrics.
Simplicity Their patterns are for the beginning sewer, and they're really easy to follow and complete
McCalls Their patterns are a little more advanced, so newbies beware.
Sewing Patterns These patterns are pretty complex and can be quite intimidating.

Photo courtesy of Coolest Baby Costumes

Approach #2- For the "sort of crafty" person
The sort of crafty person will be relieved to know there are options out there for you too! Try something simple....a great example would be what I did a few years ago for my daughter. I purchased a white turtle neck shirt, white tights, and red shoes. I made her blue gingham skirt and hair bows. What did I get? Dorothy, add a basket and a stuffed dog and the look is complete!

Approach #3- Not a crafty bone in your body
This is a great way to make your Stapes (The name of the smallest bone in your body- just so happens to be in your ear of all places) your crafty bone. Once you complete this you will be able to say "Yup, I have a crafty bone!" Start simple. Don't feel like it is a competition. My mom isn't super crafty and one year I had a great costume! She purchased a pair of gray sweatpants and sweatshirt. Used an old nylon stocking. Stuffed that stocking with cotton balls and tied a knot on the end. Using a safety pin she attached that "tail" to my behind. Then she took a piece of gray felt and cut two triangles out and glued them to a headband....Viola- a mouse! And a pretty cute one too! (toot toot- that's my own horn)

photo courtesy of Family Fun

Approach #4- No time, no desire
This is completely, 100%, fine! When all else fails-----BUY a costume. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Yeah, they're no as unique because they were made in mass quantities but at least your kid isn't going out trick or treating in everyday clothes and you're telling them to tell people they're going as a 6 year old for Halloween! =) Just remember- sexy kitten and sleazy nurse are not a good way to go!

HAVE fun! That is really all that matters!

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  1. When my second son was a baby, we dressed the boys as "night" and "day." They were and always will be. For son one, I used black sweats and glued glow in the dark stars on the sweatshirt. For son two, aka day, I dressed him in a fluffy white sleeper after sewing a couple light blue felt clouds on the front. EASY!!!!

    This year, my son and three friends are going as the teenage mutant ninja turtles. We're using cardboard to make the front and back shells (with craft paint). They'll wear green t-shirts, jeans, and bandanas in turtle colors. :)



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