Saturday, October 15, 2011

Activities to do with your baby in the fall

Hello Readers! My name is Ann and I blog over at Your [Twin Cities] Guide to Keeping Busy with your Baby.  Not from the Twin Cities? No problem! I often write about things you can do at your home or in any city with your baby. 

Today I want to share 5 activities to do with your baby in the fall.  Some activities are simple, some to get you OUT of the house and some to keep you entertained at home!

[1] Go to Apple Picking or to a Pumpkin Patch

Why not start a fun family fall tradition by going to a local apple orchard or a pumpkin patch.  Babies thrive when they can experience a variety of sensations.  Let them grab at the apples and play on top of the big pumpkins.  A lot of orchards also have family friendly activities like hay rides and petting zoos.  And bonus: there will be ample opportunities for great photos!

[2] Photo Shoot in the Leaves

Turn a boring weekend chore like raking the leaves into another fun photo opportunity for your baby.  Rake a small pile of leaves, sit your baby in the center and snap away…Paparazzi style!  If your baby isn’t sitting yet, put them in the bumbo and cover it with leaves.  Babies love the crinkles and crunchy sounds that leaves make, just make sure they don’t eat them like my little man tried to do!

[3] Paint a Pumpkin

While it’s probably not the best idea to carve a pumpkin with [a large knife] and your baby, you can still have fun with pumpkins.  Let your baby paint a pumpkin!  Spread out newspaper all over the floor, use washable paint, strip your baby down to a diaper and let them have a go.  Babies love to make messes and you’ll get a cute pumpkin in return.  Just make sure you have the tub ready to go to wash your little artist afterwards.

[4] Go for a Hike

Sometimes as new moms and dads it’s hard to find time to exercise. Going for a hike with your baby is the perfect way to give yourself some added energy and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. Point out all the colors on the trees and watch some falling leaves.  Strap your baby in your favorite carrier or if you prefer the stroller that works too. 

[5] Make your own Halloween Cards

Now that you’ve taken pictures at the apple orchard, pumpkin patch or in the leaves, it’s time to use those adorable pictures for something fun like a personalized card.

You can buy blank cards at local craft stores and paste the picture on the front. Or just cut out the picture add some cardstock to the back and you have a postcard! Try using a fun [and FREE] site like Picnik where you can add text or make fun collages.

Time to get creative!

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