Friday, October 21, 2011

Make your own crayons

Wanna be the "coolest mommy out there" (a direct quote from my 4 year old)? Take crayons to the next level with just a couple of bucks. I am a huge fan of party planning...and some would say I probably go overboard...but I just love it! I saw someone selling crayons in shapes in an online store for a pretty penny (5 for like 8bucks!) Way more than I wanted to pay.

So here is what I did.
I went to the dollar store purchased a few packages of crayons.

I sorted them by color group.
make your own crayons

Peeled the wrappers off and broke them.
make your own crayons

Microwaved the crayons til they were melted.

Carefully poured the melted crayons into candy molds.
make your own crayons

Let them set and harden...and viola, you have awesome crayons shaped to whatever you want.
make your own crayons

My son requested a Star Wars party so I purchased Star Wars candy molds! If you get a chance, what shapes would you make? Stop by our community and share with us.


  1. That's a fun idea. I wouldn't even need to purchase crayons - just gather up all the broken crayons we already have!

  2. I was going to say the same thing as RockStarMom. We have plenty of broken crayons that I usually just throw away.

  3. Hello. I shared this post over at my blog, in a post about recycling crayons. I hope you approve. :)


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