Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mini pumpkin painting

If you're like me...messes are something that drive you crazy! The thought of ooey gooey slimy pumpkin guts all over my kitchen makes my anxiety level rocket! However, Jamie doesn't mind the gooey pumpkin guts but her girls won't have anything to do with the slime. Solution- PAINT your pumpkins! This project is great because your itty bitty toddlers really shouldn't be carving with knives and sharp tools anyway.

Here is what you will need:
Mini pumpkins (or big ones if you want)
Craft paint
Paint brushes
Kids eager to decorate for Halloween
Bowl of water to rinse brushes

Step 1:
Clean off any excess dirt from your pumpkins

Step 2:
Paint shirts!!! They're a must.

Step 3:
Paint away, and have fun doing it.

Step 4:
Hose down the kiddos

Step 5:
Let dry (however we learned that a hairdryer makes this step go waaaaaaaaaaaay faster!

Do you paint or carve your pumpkins?  Why?

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