Monday, October 10, 2011

Glurch or Slime

Messy fingers? No way! Not with this recipe! Glurch, a.k.a. slime, is a HUUUUUGE favorite in our home for the kids AND for the mom.

Here's why my kids love it:
it feels really cool
it's is easy to make
it makes great "farting" noises (yes, my son made me promise to share that one)

Here's why I love it:
it's easy to make
it's cheap
it is sticky, slimy and ooey gooey (oops...the kids should be saying that)
it does NOT stick to things (no messes on hands, no messes on tables and it washes right out of clothes)
it is the perfect combination of slime and goop but no matter how hard you try it won't leave a mess

Here is what you need:
1 bottle of white glue (4oz)
1/2 tsp Borax ("20 mule team")- found in the laundry detergent aisle

In one plastic bowl mix the glue and 3oz water, stir well. In another bowl mix Borax and 1/4 cup of hot water (add a drop or two of food coloring here to give it a color of your choice). Pour glue and water mixture into the Borax and water mixture and quickly stir. Dump excess water down drain. Viola! (My son liked this so much that I am planning on making a few batches of it for a birthday party treat bag for his party guests). Storage is easy, keep in a plastic bag or in a plastic bowl (covered)....I keep ours in the fridge for two reasons (one- it feels neat when it's cold and two- because if we have guests over it makes for a good conversation piece).

Fun Fact:
Want to learn something too? Glurch is a polymer (neither a solid nor a liquid but qualities of both). Wanna know what else is a polymer? Gum, Jell-O, plastic, and even your DNA!

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