Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creative lunchbox ideas

Creative lunchbox ideas...yeah that's what I said! Are your kids picky eaters? When you send a bag/box lunch to school with them is half of it uneaten? I might have the cure for you and your picky eater. My quest to get my kids to eat more all of their lunches started with the growing list of things I COULDN'T pack in their lunches. The school they go to has all these "rules" about things that you can and cannot pack in their lunches, yet they offer no school lunch program. (Nothing that needs to be heated up, no peanut butter (or any nuts for that matter), under the age of 4 no carrots or celery (choking hazard), blah blah blah). I found myself, and my kids, were getting bored with the same old standby of a meat and cheese sandwich. So......I thought to myself "hmmm, what can I do to livin' up the lunches?" I did a little searching on the internet and found some great blogs and ideas of things to do to jazz up their lunches. I can say, it takes a bit more time (a few minutes) but it is well worth it! My kids rarely come home with any leftovers and their cubby note says "ate all of my lunch" nearly everyday! All it takes is a few cookie cutters and some creativity.
Here are a few of my their favorite lunches.

Princess Power!
creative lunchbox ideas
Crown sandwiches with stars (homemade fruit roll up) for jewels
Princess wand (homemade fruit roll up)
Magic carrot sticks with pixy dip (dill dip)
Yummy Yogurt
Belle of the Ball Banana
Cottage cheese (I never really had a cute name for it)
Princess fruit snacks

Beep Beep Goes the Car!
creative lunchbox ideas
Car sandwiches with cookies for wheels
Yummy Yogurt
Dip sticks and dip (carrots and dip)
Cottage cheese (again, no cutesy name)
Beep! Beep! (homemade fruit roll up)
Cars fruit snacks
Beep beep banana

Under the Sea!
creative lunchbox ideas
Fishy sandwich (Goldfish bread and turkey)
Shark and fish fruit snacks
Starfish, goldfish and sea turtle cheese crackers
Octopus cheese
Seahorse (homemade fruit roll up)
Dirt and bait (chocolate pudding and a worm for fishing)
Ahoy there matey!
creative lunchbox ideas
Pirate sandwich
Cheese map (using wilton's food markers)
Babybel cheese with X marks the spot
Veggie dip with orange octopus
Black olives with swords
Pirates treasure (sun chips and carrots)

I'm Squirrel-y for you
Crunchy Carrots
Rockin' Raisins
"M" initial cheese
Sticks and Rocks (pretzels and M and M's)
Leafy fruit (home made fruit roll up cut into leaf shape)
Squirrel Sandwich (I used a candy for the eye)

Dried Dragon Wings (Cheese Sun Chips)
Cucumber Stars
Witches fingers (Dried Apricots)
Jac-o-lantern cheese
Ghostly marshmallow and pumpkin marshmallow  
Pumpkin Sandwich
Pumpkin ring for fun!

Happy 5th Birthday

5- five shaped sandwiches
five shaped tortilla chips
5 melon balls
five cheese
favorite cookies

Some great links for more ideas:


  1. These are all great ideas. I have to start being more creative with my kids' lunches.

  2. I LOVE these ideas! How do you make the home made fruit roll up?

  3. Ainsley-
    stay tuned...later this week we will have a post about making home made fruit roll ups

  4. Wow - these lunches are so amazingly creative!! LOVE them all!! My kids would be so excited to have these for lunch. Thanks for linking up to TGIF Linky Party (http://livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com/search/label/Linkey%20Parties) I can't wait to see what else you link up!!
    Beth =-)


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