Monday, October 3, 2011

Leaf drawing

Leaf drawing is a super easy, super fun craft to do with your kids. It requires little effort and little supplies, yet produces a beautiful piece of artwork that you will be proud to display.  You'll need flat, dried leaves of all shapes and sizes, crayons, and paper.  That's it!

leaf drawing
Step 1)  Take your kids outside and go hunting for multiple kinds of leaves.  The flatter the leaf is, the better it works. 
leaf drawing
Step 2)  Bring in the leaves inside (if it's super nice and not too windy, stay outside) and lay them out so it's easy to choose which leaf your child wants to use. 
leaf drawing
Step 3)  Put a leaf under a piece of paper, take a crayon and rub over the leaf.  Have your child take the paper off the crayon and turn the crayon on it's side so they can rub.  Don't let your child color over the leaf or the pattern won't come through.
leaf drawing
Step 4)  Repeat putting leaves under the paper and rubbing until your paper is full of leaf patterns. 
leaf drawing
Step 5)  You're done!  Compliment your child on their beautiful piece of artwork and proudly display it on the fridge.

Have you done this with your kids?  What did they think of it?

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