Saturday, October 8, 2011

8 Helpful Halloween Safety Tips

We know that Halloween is still a few weeks away but it's never to early to start talking Halloween safety. We also know that most people know and teach their kids the basics of Halloween safety such as only go on well lit streets, don't go to strangers' houses, wear reflective tape or lights on your costume, don't eat the candy till you get home....yada, yada, yada.... I went around the web and searched for 8 helpful Halloween safety tips that you might not think about:

If you and your child are going out with a group, make their costume a unique one so you can spot them easily in a crowded area.  Wear something unique yourself so your child can easily spot you!

Do not include high heel shoes or long dangling pieces of costume that your child could trip over.  If they are carrying a prop such as a scythe or sword, make sure they are made out of a flexible plastic that will bend if fallen on.  Getting injured because their costume can really ruin a kid's night!

Plan a safe route so parents know where their older kids will be at all times. Set a time for their return home. Make sure that your child is old enough and responsible enough to go out by themselves. Make sure that they have a cell phone with your number and emergency numbers already programed.

If you drive around to different neighborhoods, put a lighted plastic Jack-O-Lantern on your dashboard to make your car more recognizable to your child that way they don't accidentally get into someone else's car.

Most make up or face paint is not FDA-approved and could trigger allergic reactions.  When buying Halloween makeup, check for packages labeled "Made with U.S. Approved Color Additives," "Laboratory Tested," Meets Federal Standards for Cosmetics," or "Non-Toxic."

Pin a slip of paper with your child's name, address and phone number inside a pocket in case he or she gets separated from the group.

Feed your kids a good meal prior to trick-or-treating to discourage them from filling up on all the Halloween candy and treats while out and about.

If you are going to dress your pet in a costume, keep in mind that unless the it is used to wearing things, you could be causing it discomfort/stress.  They'll be under enough stress with everything going on outside and people constantly at the door, so don't cause them any more stress then you have to.

Just for fun...I found a cute, interactive, and fun Halloween Safety game your kids could play online...

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