Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friends You Love Bestie Photo Contest

What's so special about this picture of me and Lindsi?

Well, it's one of only four photos we have together!  

In the almost seven years we've known each other, we've only gotten FOUR photos together (one of which is our header photo).  We have multiple photos of each other, our kids together, and each other with our kids, but only four photos together.  Why?  We have no clue.  It's just the way life has gone so far but we're working on making a change.

There's also something more behind the photo above.  It reminds us that we are not just moms, we are women.  It was taken after our second (well, my second and Lindsi's second/third) were born.  It was the first time we had gone out on the town without the hubbies and kids since we were pregnant with our firsts.

We went to dinner, had drinks, got tipsy, were hit on my a couple younger guys (talk about a confidence boost!), and took a cab to a shop downtown that we normally wouldn't walk into sober (not gonna say any more about that).  It was a much needed night out for both of us and we have the photo above to remind us that we need to do it again more often!  

We entered this photo into the Friends You Love Bestie Photo Contest.   We would appreciate if you click on the link to vote for our photo between October 16 and October 20.  Thanks!

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