Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 10 funny things said by mom

Here's the top 10 funniest things we've said to our kids:

     1.  If you could stop putting your toys in the dryer that would be great!

     2.  Stop being so cute, I don't like it.

     3.  Let’s talk about our pee pee’s later, deal?

     4.  You can have more Lima beans as soon as you finish your Mac and Cheese.

     5.  Food goes in our mouth, not in our ears.

     6.  It's better to spit than to swallow (said in reference to brushing teeth--we're not that dirty minded around here!)

     7.  That finger belongs to her! You may use your own finger.

     8.  OK, who would like to go potty?

     9.  Let’s all go into mommy’s room and watch the ceiling fan for a little bit.

     10.  Please don’t make me use my angry mommy voice.

What funny things have you said to your kids?  Leave us a comment or continue the conversation in our Toys In The Dryer community.  You could be in a future post!


    1. "Yes Judah- it's still there!" (as he gropes for his penis at every diaper change)

    2. "I am dropping both of you off at the orphanage and getting new ones."


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