Thursday, September 8, 2011

Squirrel Mix

It’s fall, the second best season in my opinion (next to summer) and there are some fun ways to get your kids in the spirit and hopefully out of the “missing my popsicle and freeze pop blues.” Why not take a little time out to create some fun and Squirrel Mix with the kids? When you’re done, take your Squirrel Mix bags on a walk in the woods, to a park or just sit on the back step.

Here’s what you need:

Adorable kids (well, any kid will do)

Some plastic bags (notice we’re not mentioning a brand?)

An assortment of treats (healthy and tasty too!)
For our Squirrel Mix I like to include treats I know the kids love (and then of course I sneak in some healthy options too). We’ve included: cheese crackers, chocolate covered candies, granola, hazel nuts, toasted O’s cereal, yogurt covered raisins, and dried cranberries.
Just for added fun place each item in their own bowls and let the kids choose the items they want in their Squirrel Mix. (I do my best to encourage my daughter to avoid filling her bag with the chocolate candies….even though the girl has the right idea). The kids LOVE to fill their bags with all sorts of goodies. Once they’ve cleaned out the supply we zip the bags and do the shake, shake, shake.

Not only is this treat fun but it’s cheap and tasty too! Hope you enjoy!
What sorts of treats do you and your kids make in the fall?  Leave us a comment here or continue the conversation the the Toys In The Dryer community.

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