Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pine Cone Bird Treat Fun

Are you ready to get messy and have fun all at the same time? This is the perfect craft for you and your kids then! Fall is here and the birds are on the hunt for a tasty treat of their own.

Here is what you need:
string, yarn, dental floss, or ribbon
pine cone(s)
lard or crisco
butter knife
pine cone bird treat

After making this with my kids I will make one will want to do this outside OR you will want to be prepared for a bit of a mess.
pine cone bird treat

Simply tie your string or other around the pine cone (and while you are at it make it a fun adventure finding pine cones). Have your kiddo spread the lard or crisco all over the pine cone. (A note-peanut butter can also be used but I found that the lard sticks better and doesn't melt as easily).
pine cone bird treat

Once your pine cone is covered have your child roll it in the birdseed.
pine cone bird treatpine cone bird treat

Make sure you get it fully covered, those birds are hungry. Hang it in the tree closest to you and sit back and watch the birds.
pine cone bird treat

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