Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Funny kid photos

We all have them...funny moments captured on film...your kid caught in a weird pose, a photo shoot gone wrong, something your child wrote that you just had to share online...Check out some of our funny kid photos:
Fighting already? Look who's got the upper hand, we mean leg!

funny kid photo
Yep, we fell asleep like that!

funny kid photo
Hi!  Look at me!

funny kid photo
It would have been funnier if the door had been closed...
funny kid photo
You'll probably have to click on this photo to make it bigger. No explanation needed.

funny kid photo
I guess she was a little too tired to eat...

funny kid photo
 ...She didn't even make it to the dinner table!

Do you have any funny kid photos?  Share them in the Toys In The Dryer Community!

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  1. Love the dog cage pic! My kids used to love to get into my husband's hunting dog carriers in the basement! I was always feared they'd tell somebody about being in the dog cages in our basement, and we'd get a visit from DFCS (Department of Family and Children's Services!), and they wouldn't believe the kids put themselves in the cages, because they WANTED to be in the cages!


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