Monday, September 26, 2011

Cloud Watching-- An Easy, Free Activity!

 "It's a turtle!"
"No it's not, it's a elephant!"
"You're both right, it looked like a turtle before it turned into an elephant."
Do you need a super fun activity to do when you are tired but your kids are bored?  Try cloud watching!  It keeps the kids occupied, gets the imagination going, is free, and best of all, doesn't require a lot of activity from the adult supervising!  It's a win/win situation!
You'll need a partly cloudy day (preferably when the clouds are moving a little).  If your kids don't mind getting dirty and up close with the bugs in the grass, you can simply lay down and start watching.  If your kids are like my girls and squeal at the site of a bug, you may want to put a blanket on the grass before laying down.  Now simply relax, look up at the sky, and let your imaginations run wild!  What shapes, animals, or objects can you find in the clouds?  How many clouds can you count?  What other stuff do you see in the sky (i.e. planes, birds...)?
Use cloud watching to not only relax with your kids, but also as a time to interact with them.  Along with questions about the clouds, throw in some questions about their day, how they are feeling, or even what they want for their birthday.  You'll be amazed at what things they may open up to during this quiet time!

Have you ever relaxed under the clouds with your kids? 

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