Friday, September 30, 2011

Hairballs in the shower (I'm going bald!)

*Warning--some people may find this post gross, others may find it funny, most people will completely relate!*

Admit it, we all have (or have had) them, and at one point in time we've looked at them and swore we were going bald!  We're talking about hairballs in the shower.  You can't be a woman, long haired man, or parent of a girl (or long haired boy) without having hair clumps somewhere in in the vicinity of where you wash your hair.

Some people lose their hair without much notice.  They go to clean their shower and find strands clogging up holes in the drain.  No biggie, you simply pick up the glob and throw it away.  If you are one of those people, you might not relate to this post.  You, are lucky.

Woman washing her hair

If you are anything like me, your hair falls out in your hands as you wash it.  You'll go to pick up the conditioner or body wash and your fingers are webbed in lovely locks.  At that point in time, you roll your hands together until the hair has formed a nice little ball.  You put that ball on the shower shelf until you are finished sudsing and rinsing.

Then, if you're anything like me, you'll forget that little hairball is on the shower shelf.  You'll dry off and carry on with your usual routine.  The next day, you'll take a shower, notice the little bundle, and swear to yourself that you will not forget to take out yesterday's and today's hairball.  The cycle repeats itself until (a) a guest comes over and you are forced to clean your shower, or (b) your significant other yells at you for the gross wads on the shelf.  Either way, you look at all those little knots of hair and think to yourself, "I'm going bald!". (Hopefully some of that hair belongs to your girls who have now started to use the shower too!)

This lovely gift of nature is worse a few months after you've had a baby.  Your once luscious mane falls out in clumps as big as the baby you are now holding.  Your significant other looks at you and says, "you need to go to the doctor, that is not a normal amount of hair loss!"  (Seriously, both Lindsi and my husband told us that!)  You begin to think to yourself, he might just be right. 

Alas, you realize that you are not going bald as miraculously, after months of shedding, you still have hair on your head.  It may be different than pre-baby, but it is still hair none-the-less.  Those agglomerations slow down and life returns to those little hairballs sitting on the shower shelf, driving your significant other crazy, and waiting to be thrown in the garbage.

Are you "going bald"?


  1. Yes. Going bald for the last 10 years. Not sure if it's my thyroid,menopause or wheat allergy. All going on at the same time. Good luck!

  2. Did check if you have thyroid problems? I read it somewhere that When a woman experiences thyroid problems, specifically an underactive one (hypothyroidism), it is expected that she loses a good amount of hair. A decrease in thyroid hormones affects the delivery of oxygen and nutrients that enables your hair, nails and skin to grow. There are medications that can help restore a healthy thyroid function, and in effect answers hair loss problems.

    follicular unit extraction

  3. I know this is almost a year old, but I can totally relate to this! I'm half mexican with extremely thick hair, and while I never HAVE less hair, I have murdered more drains and vacuum cleaners than anyone I've ever met! And that's a normal thing, after I have a baby, look out!

    1. We LOVE when people discover our old content!!
      Oh, the joys of being a girl!

  4. Hahahaha....this is too funny! Those hairballs with circles around them was hilarious! I'm still cracking up. We women all go though the same thing.


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