Monday, September 12, 2011

Introducing Mom of the Week meme

Mom Of The Week

Mom Of The Week

Do you want to be our M.O.T.W. (Mom of the Week)? You don't have to be a mom to enter, you can be a Mr. Mom, a nanny or a teacher too! Each week we will read through our comments and community posts and choose a "winner" to claim their prize of the honorary M.O.T.W. Your prize isn't anything fancy it's simply, the right to post the badge above on your blog or website and be featured on our blog as the M.O.T.W.

How do I enter to be M.O.T.W.? Share with us a mommy brain story, an I just about died, a conversation you had with your kiddo, or confess something. The only rule here is that you cannot "flame" someone for their post.

Mommy brain story example:
I went to Target to pick up three things: milk, toilet paper, and band-aids. I forgot the band-aids, left the toilet paper on the bottom of the cart and came home with just the milk.

I just about died example:
While at the doctor for his check up, I explained to my son that it was OK for the doctor to look at his "private parts." He then looked at the doctor and said "can I see yours?"
(True story from Lindsi. I still laugh when I think about this.)

Conversation example:
Daddy- "M", are you a ballerina?"
M(3yrs old)- "Nope, not yet."
Daddy- "Oh will you be one after Ballet class?" 
M (3 yrs old)- "Daddy it's not ballet class it's ballerina camp, get it right!"

Confession example:
I was ironing clothes on the floor and left the iron to cool not realizing that the door was open and my daughter had crawled into the room.  Suddenly I heard a loud scream.  I turned around to realize that my daughter had crawled right into the hot iron and had burnt her face!  I was horrified!  I rushed her to the hospital thinking I had scarred her face for life.  Luckily it was only a 2nd degree burn and looked worse than it actually was.  The doctor reassured me that her young skin would heal just fine. 
(True story from Jamie.  Two years later, the only evidence of the horrible accident is a red line that stands out a little more on her cheek when she's flushed--Thank God!) 

When will you announce the M.O.T.W.?
Each Friday we will announce who the winner for the week is. During that post we will share your winning story and a link to your blog or website (if you have one.) If you have a confession and you wish to remain anonymous, please post as anonymous.

The number one rule is this...have fun and remember we all are human and make mistakes in parenting.

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