Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coloring inside the cracks

So we have had this odd family tradition that dates back to when I was a little girl...some 15 oops I mean 17, 20+ years ago. One thing my grandma was known for was making something out of nothing much. She always had a HUGE bucket of chalk waiting for the grand kids to use up whenever we came over. She had this cement driveway that was broken and cracked in numerous places. One day we all sat on the driveway and started to fill in the cracked pieces of driveway with shapes. After just a little bit of time we came to find that what we were doing turned out to be kinda neat. Here is a fun activity for you to try out (oh yeah, include the kids too).

Here is what you will need:

A bucket of sidewalk chalk
chalk drawings

Cement walkway, driveway or step
chalk drawing

A little bit of time
chalk drawing
 What's fun about this is that each person does their own design and it turns out really neat when you do a large area. Try it out with your family and share some photos with us too! Have fun!
chalk drawing
and just for fun....this is me, my mom, and my grandma coloring INSIDE the cracks when I was about 16
Do you and your family have any fun traditions that you have passed on to your kids?

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