Monday, March 18, 2013

21 After Surgery Activities for Kids

If you've been paying attention to our social media over the last week, you know that both my daughter, Tottie, and Lindsi's daughter, Lil' Princess, had tonsillectomies last week. Tottie's was on Monday and Lil' Princess' was on Tuesday. Though neither daughter has been very perky, we have had to keep them occupied while they are to remain on the quiet side.  Here's some of the things we've done to keep our post-surgery kids from getting bored...
after surgery activities for kids
1)  Legos--What kid doesn't love them?  Buy a new set of Legos for after surgery and keep your child busy for hours.

2)  Glurch/Slime--This ooey, gooey stuff isn't messy at all but your kids will have fun thinking it is!

3)  Board games--When was the last time you played a board game?  Now's the time to have some fun with your kids playing the games you used to love.

4)  I spy bottles--We dusted off one of my girls' favorite toys AND made a new one!

5)  Make cards for other sick kids--Dust off your art supplies and make cards for friends or relatives who are sick.  You can also contact your local hospital to find out where to send general cards to kids in need.

6)  Make rainbows on the wall--Feeling down and cooped up?  Rainbows make anybody happy and it's fun to make them inside!

7)  Play on the iPad/tablet/computer--Find a new app or online game to play.

8)  Make paper beads--These beads are easy to make but take time.  Once they're dry, string them into a necklace.

9)  Water guns--For those stuck in the hospital for a bit, get some water guns and squirt the unexpecting nurses and doctors who walk into the room (I happen to be a pediatric nurse, trust me, we don't mind and we may just get you back!).

10)  Custom word search--Yes, you can make your own word search game!  Use words that relate to the surgery or any of your favorite topics.

11)  Play surgeon--If you're lucky enough (like we were) to take home a few hospital supplies after surgery, let your child practice on their dolls or stuffed animals.  If you're reading this before your child has surgery, ask if you can bring a few supplies home to play with.

make your own play dough12)  Play dough--An old fashion classic that is fun for all.

13)  Magic 8 Ball--Grab a magic 8 ball and ask it silly questions.  What is the answer?

14)  Scratch drawings--A new take on drawing.

15)  New books--Buy either new reading books, new activity books, or new puzzle books.

make your own snow globe 16)  Snow globes--It's fun and peaceful to watch the glitter float around in these globes.

17)  Puzzles--Pick a puzzle with more pieces and keep your child busy for longer.  Help out if it's too hard and have some fun of your own.

18)  Tissue paper flowers--Everyone loves flowers when they aren't feeling well.  Now you can make some that last as long as you need them to.

19)  Rent a new movie--You've got at lease 1.5 hours of entertainment when you rent a movie you've never seen.

boo boo bunny 20)  Email your relatives--Kids will love to email their relatives even if they don't know how to type.  Let them type any key on the keyboard to make "words" and "sentences" them ask them what they said to translate underneath.

21)  Don't forget, BooBoo Bunnies make EVERYTHING better!

What things have you done to keep your kids occupied when they've had to remain quiet for a few days?

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