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Sneaky Ways to Stop Toddler Tantrums

Both Jamie and Lindsi will be some-what "off" of blogging for the next two weeks because both Tottie and Lil' Princess are having tonsillectomies.  Tottie's is on Monday and Lil' Princess' is on Tuesday.  Their surgeries are litterally 24 hours apart and by the same surgeon!  Please enjoy some guest posts and other fun things not normally in our schedule while we take care of our daughters. 

A Hazel Musing:  Sneaky Ways My Parents Stop My Tantrums

Now I've turned two, I have upped the ante on the number of tantrums that I have.  As a toddler, it's my duty to live up to the reputation of the terrible two's and I tell that to every toddler I meet!

But I've not managed to master tantrums completely yet, as my parents have some sneaky ways, which they use to diffuse my tantrums and I often forget what the tantrum was about.

I thought I'd better speak out and warn other toddlers about these sneaky tactics!  Also I hope to share with you how you can use your tantrums to get your own way and make your parents think that they are being sneaky in stopping your tantrum (teehee) – beat them at their own game.

There are only a few things that I have tantrums about, one is when I want to walk and I get put in the buggy.  The sneaky way that they pacify me is by telling me I'll be able to walk later, as they explain calmly with reason and logic, that they are in a hurry and that we can walk on the way back.

I listen, calm down and they usually remember to keep their promise, but if they don't then I will throw a tantrum later and insist, insist and insist that they take me to the fields so I can run around and see the twit twoo!

I usually insist on this most days anyway, but if they have forgotten, or I fall asleep before having at  least a mile long wander, Mom and Dad think that it might help me sleep better later if they do take me to the fields (it doesn't always make me go to sleep earlier, as my energy knows no ends).

So you can listen to logic and reasoning, as long as you remember to ensure that your parents keep their promises, but give them an all out tantrum if they dare forget.  Sometimes if you do behave, they do make doubly sure that you have a good time when they have done what they need to do.  I'll leave that to your judgment. 

One tantrum that I have regularly, is about food.  When I don't finish my food, they put it in the fridge and I refuse point blank to eat anything that I see coming out of the fridge.  Just lately though, they have been taking half pots of food out of the food cupboard, which has never happened before – hmm, there is definitely something sneaky going on there! 

When Mom and Dad can't console (or control) me during the day, as they can't fathom the reason behind the tantrum, Dad usually does something silly to make me laugh.  He will pull funny faces, or trip over, or accidentally bang his head (and I laugh so hard when Dad hurts himself).  It's impossible to carry on a tantrum when I can't help laughing!  That's sneaky!

Another reason that I throw a tantrum is when I want something on a shelf that is out of my reach, usually something that I'm not meant to have anyway, like sellotape, scissor or something else that is "dangerous".  How many times do your parents say "dangerous" to you? Its really annoying, isn't it?

This is quite a good thing to have a tantrum about, as my  parents will usually offer me one of my favorite toys, or get down on the floor and play with me to distract me from my tantrum.

One tantrum that they allow me to cry about for sometimes over an hour (if the fancy takes me) is that I'm not allowed to go to sleep in their big bed, I have to go to sleep in my bed.  I only do this occasionally, but I can't seem to win that one.  I hope they don't start ignoring some of my other tantrums too!

I hope that this advice helps other toddlers pick their tantrums wisely.  It's all about compromise and bribery on both your side and your parents – make them think that they are in control, but remember you will win some and lose some.

Hazel Nutt is a baby blogger who loves to share her take on the world through words and art. She writes funny posts that should tickle the humor buds of most parents.  She particularly likes blogging her toddler opinions and advice on how to train parents, to ensure that other toddlers can also wrap their parents around their little finger!

Hazel Nutt also writes and reviews picture books and devours (sometimes quite literally) picture books on a daily basis, as she enjoys them so much. Find Hazel and her opinions here and please enjoy:

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