Monday, March 19, 2012

Make Rainbows on Your Walls

Technically it's still winter. The first official day of spring isn't until tomorrow. With the unseasonably warm weather we've been having in Minnesota over the past week however (80s in March!!), it's been feeling down right summerish! This has made me and the girls want to do things to get rid of those winter honor of St. Patrick's Day and to get us in the mood for spring and Easter in a few weeks, we decided to make rainbows on our walls.

Making rainbows is great way to cheer you up no matter what time of year it is. It can even be done on a rainy day!

You'll need:
  • A glass pan or jar
  • A mirror that fits in the pan or jar
  • Water
  • A white wall or ceiling (or white paper to cover a colored wall/ceiling)
1)  Pour the water into your glassware.  The exact amount doesn't matter.  I filled ours up about half-way.

2)  Put your mirror in the water.

3)  Place it in a sunny spot.

4)  Play with tilting the mirror until you see rainbows form on the wall or ceiling!

You can make rainbows on cloudy days or even in the evening after the sun goes down too!  Just use a flashlight instead of the sunlight.  Note however, that I could not get it to work with my LED flashlight because the LED lights were not full spectrum.  Making rainbows relys on the water splitting the light into full spectrum and the mirror reflecting it onto the wall.

*The only good sunny spot we had in our house was right in front of our glass door so I ended up hanging paper on the door to catch the rainbows.  It worked just fine but didn't make for the best pictures!  If you want to see some awesome DIY wall rainbows check out  Buzzmills' In Search of Balance and Rainbows post.  We already had this post scheduled for today, she just happened to link up the same thing to our Fun Stuff Fridays this past weekend! 


  1. Fun activity! I need to try this with my little Dude!

  2. I like the idea of using a mirror instead of a glass...probably easier for little hands to use than a glass! So much fun making rainbows, isn't it...magic for kids and adults alike! Thanks for mentioning me too! Have a wonderful first day of Spring!!

  3. We love making rainbows... that idea of using a mirror is genius! My kids are always chasing the rainbows from the fish tank and the ones that shine through the crystal above my kitchen sink :) I'm stopping by from {wow me} link

    Robyn @

  4. What a fun idea. We will have to try that out this week.

  5. What a lovely idea. As a teacher I fully endorse real life science in the home. X

  6. Fun idea! I featured it on my blog!


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