Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Memory Game

Looking for an Easter game that can keep your kids busy for a while? How about doing an Easter Egg Memory Game?
My daughter thought this game was a blast and she played it multiple different ways too. It kept her busy for literally an hour!  The only things you'll need are a bunch of plastic Easter eggs and the same amount of small, matching objects to put into the eggs.
 photo EasterEggMemoryGame1.jpg
There are a few different ways to play the Easter Egg Memory Game depending on how hard or easy you want to make it.  The basic way is to simply put the objects into the eggs, mix them up, then try to find the matching objects in the eggs.

To make it easier:  put matching objects in matching egg colors such as the pennies in two pink eggs, the buttons in two blue eggs.

To make it harder:  Mix up the egg colors such as a yellow top with a blue bottom or an orange top with a yellow bottom.  You can also do similar items instead of matching items such as a penny and a nickle, two different buttons, or two different Lego pieces.
 photo EasterEggMemoryGame2.jpg
Mix up the game:  Try matching the eggs by sound of the shake vs by memory.  Shake the eggs and try to find their match.  Once you think you've got them matched open them up to see if you are right.  My daughter LOVED this version!  It's harder than you think too!

Things to keep in mind:  As always, beware of little objects around younger kids who could choke on them.  
Also, my daughter had a little trouble opening and closing the eggs so you might have to help a bit.

Do your kids like memory games?

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