Tuesday, March 5, 2013

FRUCHI™ Smoothies

Our families love smoothies.  Lindsi quite frequently makes them for her kids, and it's a super big treat when Hubby and I take the girls to our local smoothie store.  Needless to say, when FRUCHI™ Smoothies contacted us to do a review for them, we jumped all over it!
Our smoothies arrived super cold in a dry ice packed cooler.  Remember early science?  Yeah, don't touch the dry ice with your hands (Jamie--don't worry, I only touched it with one finger then quickly remembered.  I didn't cause myself any injury)!  And...if something is packed in dry ice, it's probably just as cold as the ice (Lindsi--Yeah, I probably should have worn something on my hands when I removed the smoothies too).
OK, moving on...

Jamie--My entire family was excited about these smoothies and they couldn't wait to eat them.  If I would have read the package, I would have realized that you could thaw them in the microwave for a few seconds.  Unfortunately, I made my family wait a few hours to try them while they thawed on the counter...My favorite flavor--Raspberry Rush (duh! raspberries are my favorite fruit).  Hubby loved the Island Splash and the girls both loved Strawberry Banana.

 photo FruchiSmoothies3.jpgWe loved that the smoothies were fast and easy to eat.  Hubby even took a few for lunch.  The pouch does get cold in your hand but the cardboard wrapper helps to keep your hand from freezing.  I loved that the smoothies are all natural and each pouch contains one serving of fruit!  I also loved is that these smoothies aren't chunky.  I'm a texture eater and small chunks of fruit or pulp in smoothies tend to make me gag.  No problem with FRUCHI™--they were perfectly blended!

Lindsi- To say my kids liked them was an understatement. My hubby and I had to "limit" them from going into the freezer to grab one because they were plowing through them at a pretty good clip. I shared one of each flavor with my good friend and her kiddo too so I could get a few more points of view. Like Jamie, my personal favorite flavor was Raspberry rush...because I LOVE me some raspberries! My daughter loved the Strawberry Banana and my boys loved the Berry Blast. Sadly, we are allergic to Mango in this house so we didn't get to try the Island Splash flavor...but not to fear....I got my neighbors opinion on that one! She thought it was great. She said it had a great "fresh fruit" flavor to it, not like a lot of smoothies out there that tend to be really sugary. My one and only negative for the FRUCHI™ is that they contain corn syrup (NOT High Fructose Corn Syrup). I'm kind of a "crunchy" person in that I like as little ingredients as possible in my food and as little modified ingredients too. I only wish that FRUCHI™ was putting cane sugar in the smoothies instead of the corn syrup.  Other than that, these smoothies were awesome and a huge hit in our house. One other thing I really liked was that FRUCHI™ is based in Minnesota (where Jamie and I live) and that really impressed me. I am a huge fan of local foods and companies! We'll be adding these to our shopping list from Schwan's® the next time we order................which reminds me, I gotta get that order in.

FRUCHI™ is a Minnesota based company that was started in 2006 and was recently acquired by the Schwan's® Food Company.  They primarily focus on nationwide fundraising but they can also be found in some Midwest grocery stores.

We each received FRUCI™ smoothies for our review.  No other compensation was received for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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