Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Evolution of the Dandelion

So my experience with my kids reaction to dandelions is similar to the way life changes much like the dandelion changes. Last summer my oldest brought me a handful of "flowers" for my kitchen. How could I resist such a sweet gesture?

First, you see dandelions as pretty flowers you can pick for your friend, teacher, or mommy. As a child reaches the age of 3 or 4 they soon learn that life is about love. They want to share their love and show it to you by picking pretty dandelions for you. You drive in the car and hear them joyously shout out "look mom!!! Lots of pretty dandelions." They have yet to be tainted by the evils of the world and and they see things in such an innocent way.
Next, you see dandelions as these beautiful fluffy things that blow in the wind. They are different and often they don't see them as the same flower as they once were. Much like a child grows, they change and become a little person, rather than a kid. Its different and often the change evolves into something beautiful and totally different than they were. Often they see this phase as a time to watch the wind blow them in the breeze and find much enjoyment in that.

Then, after a short period of time they figure it out that THEY themselves can make the pretty cotton fly. The learn Independence much like flying out on their own. While it's a pretty amazing time for them it is sadly a difficult time for a parent. To let their little dandelions fly out on their own. But it is a part of life.
Blown Away...
Lastly, when they are all grown up and on their own, in the world all their own they find themselves digging up those very dandelions they were so fond of not so long ago. They, as adults, find Dandelions intrusive, a pain, and another chore. When I sit back and think about the changes the Dandelion goes through I find myself wishing that life was as easy and simple as picking a "weed" and thinking it is a beautiful flower. I think I am going to choose to view life's weeds as an opportunity to find beauty.



  1. love this and thanks for sharing this wonderful view! Absolutely agree!

  2. Nice! Am I so dumb that I didnt know those blowers were dandilions first. Lol Also, did you know, those seeds don't taste good, lol. My 2 year old tried to blow one and accidently inhaled some. She was spitting forever, lol. Such a good post!

  3. That was so beautiful and real all in one! The sweetness spoke volumnes and as my hubby and I get disgusted each spring with dandelions...because the cemetery "friends" that boarders our property does taken great care of the cemetery. Dandelions abound and the seeds propagate in our yard!!!! Ugh! Thank you for the lighter side of the infamous dandelion


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