Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cookie-Ice Cream Pizza

A few days ago I got it in my head to try making a special desert pizza so the girls and I  made cookie-ice cream pizza. We had a ton of fun both making and eating this treat!
A few things to note before you make this yummy desert pizza:
1)  It takes a few hours to make
2)  Plan ahead as you'll need to let your ice cream thaw a bit
3)  It is SUPER filling so a small piece goes a long way!

 You'll need:
  • Ingredients to make sugar cookies (we used this recipe and cut it in half)
  • Pizza baking sheet
  • Rolling pin
  • Ice cream (we used vanilla)
  • Toppings of your choosing (we used M&Ms and broken chocolate pieces)

Step 1)  Start by making your sugar cookie recipe. *Pull your ice cream out of the freezer at this time so that it can thaw just a little.  You want to be able to spread it well.

Please excuse Nutty's make-up in these photos.  The girls decided to play beauty salon prior to making the pizza and I didn't have the heart to tell Nutty that her make-up looked horrid!  

Step 2)  Grease the bottom of your pizza pan then place your prepared sugar cookie dough in a large ball in the middle of the pan.  Use a rolling pin to evenly spread the dough flat over the pan.  Make sure that you leave a good area for the dough to expand as it cooks!

Step 3)  Cook the dough according to your directions making sure to check on it toward the end to make sure it is not too brown.

Step 4)  Let the dough cool.

Step 5)  Once your cookie "crust" is cool and your ice cream is thawed just a bit.  Spread an even layer of ice cream over the cookie.

Step 6)  Decorate your pizza with toppings of your choice.

Step 6)  Put your pizza back in the freezer for at least an hour to let the ice cream firm up again.  Hopefully it will fit with the pan!  Mine barely did!  You can see that it is tipped just slightly so the ice cream ran off the pizza on one side.  OOPS!

Step 7)  Use a pizza cutter to slice your pizza and enjoy!  Hint:  it's a bit hard to cut.  Remember, a small piece goes a long way!
What would you top your cookie-ice cream pizza with?

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  1. First of all, YUM! What I would do for some Cookie-Ice Cream Pizza right now! Love love love your tagline. Living in the moment, perfect. I saw you on the twitter party last night at UBP and thought I would stop by to saw hello. I'm a new Linky, Twitter, and Facebook fan. So good to meet you!

    Gena http://www.redtagmama.com


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