Wednesday, April 4, 2012

25 Unique Non-Basket Easter Baskets

Are you tired of putting your child's Easter goodies in baskets every year?  Do you have piles of old baskets lying around from previous years?  This year, how about doing something different and practical with non-basket Easter baskets!?

OK, OK, so we know that Tuesdays are always craft ideas at Toys In The Dryer and this post isn't exactly a craft.  We feel, however, that you do have to have a bit of a crafty thumb to put these basket ideas together.  Plus, we think it's OK to make exceptions to our rules for holidays.  So, without further ado...

25 Non-Basket Easter Basket Ideas

1)  Beach pail--fill it with fun stuff to bring to the beach
2)  Sun hat tipped upside down--fill it with sunglasses and other fun summer accessories
3)  Personalized tote bag--fill it with anything
4)  New pair of shoes--stuff the shoes with Easter goodies
5)  Tool box--fill it with kid friendly tools for your little handy helper
6)  Tackle box--fill it with fun things for a fishing trip
7)  Backpack--fill it with art supplies
8)  Beach towel--fill it with beach stuff and tie it up into a sack
9)  Terracotta pot--fill it with stuff to plant flowers
10)  Sports Shoes--stuff new cleats, jersey, shorts, socks, and shin guards
11)  Pillow case--fill it with new PJs, popcorn, and a new movie
12)  Storage container--store the new Easter goodies in this new container
13)  New shirt--tie off the bottom then stuff with stuff
14)  Large dump truck--fill the bed of the truck with smaller cars
15)  Doll cradle--fill it up with stuff for your child's baby doll
16)  Kiddie pool--fill it with a bunch of plastic Easter eggs and have your kids search through them to find the rest of their treats.
17)  Rain boots--fill the with garden supplies, seeds for planting and a shovel
18) Bike helmet- fill with a bell for the bike, elbow and knee pads
19) Mixing bowl--fill it with things your child can use to bake with you
20) Sleeping bag- roll up new slippers, pajamas and other sleep over items into it
21) Picnic basket- fill with new plastic dishes, treats and snacks perfect for a picnic
22) Make-up bag- for the older girls, fill with new nail polish, lip gloss, and hair bows
23) Wagon- make it a library! Go to the dollar store and stock up on all the dollar books
24) Lego basket- get crafty and make a basket out of Legos- perfect for the Lego lover
25) Baseball hat- roll up a favorite team shirt, some sunglasses, and a new baseball and stuff them into the hat


  1. Great ideas!
    One year we used laundry baskets that matched the decor of the kids' rooms. Another year we used decorative garbage cans.

  2. Great ideas, I hate spending all that money on baskets just to discard them.

  3. I made a "basket" for my mom out of the plastic drink dispenser that you put lemonade or tea in... then added Crystal Lite packs and other goodies


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