Thursday, April 12, 2012

Discipline Gone Wrong

Have you ever caught yourself doing exactly what you said you'd never do? Or saying exactly what you swore you'd never say? You know what I am talking about.....that one thing your mom always said that irritated you that you swore up and down you would never be caught saying.....until suddenly, you do!

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Well here is a funny (and TRUE) story about discipline gone wrong. When I was a preteen and teenager I cleaned to let off frustration and steam. Whenever my mom would upset me (which was frequent- let me tell you two ladies with raging hormones- run for the hills!) or if we'd get in an argument, or I'd even been sent to my room (ack!!!), I cleaned.

I would make sure she knew I was ticked. How? Well, first thing is first, I'd make sure I slammed the door good and loud and if I didn't feel like the door slammed to my liking heck, I'd slam it again, just for good measure. Next I would turn on my radio and blast some crazy music that I seriously cannot believe I ever listened to. Then I'd get to cleaning. Cleaning my room let me "cool down" and "chill out." I think my mom soon figured out that if she would just leave me be then she'd get two things out of the whole ordeal- a clean room and some time to calm down. She rarely checked on me during my clean-fests and after a while I figured out that "she NEVER checked on me."

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My room was close to the ground level. (I'm talking 3 feet from window to ground---even less in the winter with the snow piles. After the realization that my mom wasn't going to be bothering me AND that the "fall" from my window was a matter of inches I got real smart! Argument? Fight? Disagreement? Hormones gone awry? Stomp off to your room, slam the door, blast some music........wait for it........wait for the window and walk down the street to your friends house! I came back after an hour or two just to be on the safe side. Want to know the funny part of this whole thing? I am 30----er um 30-something years old, and I just told my mom the "truth" about my cleaning times. I told her that I would always leave and go to a friends house. She was stunned! She seriously had no clue!

What I have learned from this? First, keep your room clean (so you don't have to clean it later). Second, my children will all be (and they are) on the highest level of my house. Last, check in on your kids when they are supposed to be in their rooms. He he he! Hope you got a good laugh oh and mom, love ya!


  1. That's awesome! I was also a window escape artist... but did get caught a few times. Needless to say - my daughters were checked on closely and I often poked them to see if they were actually just a bunch of pillows under a blanket. I never caught them... darn! Janelle

  2. !!! I laughed so hard that coffee came out of my nose, and that was NOT pleasant. Although all my kids are on the upper floor, I have a feeling that my middle daughter will somehow find a way down. She's 12 so hopefully I've got a few years to go before we get there ;)

  3. So funny! I'll have to remember that trick for when my kiddos are older =)

  4. great story, first, I WISH I cleaned in anger, or any time willing really. I'd Love for my kids to clean their rooms when angry, but I'm doubting that will ever happen. Second, I've always said I would never have my kids in first floor bedrooms and I really hop I never have to! I wasn't one to sneak out, but I had friends that did.

  5. This was very good story! I laughed really hard reading it because I did everything you said except sneak out the window. LOL I still clean when I'm upset.


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