Monday, January 9, 2012

Dance Party!

It was Christmas break and if I heard "I'm booorrred..." or "what can we do?..." one more time I was going to SCREAM!  The girls were antsy and I was crabby.  Soo...

I put a Kidz Bop CD in the stereo, cranked up the volume, and had a dance party with my girls!  It gave them something to do, got the antsies out, and uplifted my spirits.

At this risk of self-embarrassment, I decided to post a video clip from our dance party.  Yes, sometimes I set up the camera and take a video.  #1--it's a memory to create, #2--my girls like to watch the videos of themselves dancing.  Nutty usually dances a little more than this and she's got some great moves.  For some odd reason, she decided she'd rather sing more this time.  This is one of her favorite songs...

Remember last week's coloring with your kids post or the cloud watching post from a few months ago?  Having a dance party is another free, no-frills, spur of the moment, activities that you can do with your kids.  Go ahead and get your groove on.  No one is watching but your kids (unless you video tape it and post it on your blog like I did) and they don't care how bad you look.  They'll just be happy you are dancing with them!

Do you ever just crank up the stereo, let out your inner child, and dance with your kids?  


  1. Yes I do! I love this post! We dance many mornings to a song by Mandisa called "Good Morning". It has an awesome beat and great message. I love to dance with my boys! Free, fun, and exercise too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute! I love dancing with the kids during the day when no one is here...always good for a giggle isn't it?

  3. Such a fun activity. I know we are always dancing and singing to music at my house. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  4. I love this! And yes, we sure do. My 26-month-old son and I (or his part-time nanny when I am writing) attend the Music Together music & movement class where we live, and he's really gotten into dancing. He always bopped along to a song with a good beat but now it's amazing! There's a CD they give out with each semester's songs and when it comes to the song "Palo Palo", he drops what he is doing and RUNS to the "dance floor" and gets on down. It's about the best thing I have ever seen!


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