Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paper Mache Maracas...FAIL

Ok, the third, and hopefully the last, fail post (for a very long time) of the week...

Christmas break and, once again, my girls were bored.  What can we do with things I have lying around the house?  (Insert--me: search, girls: "no", me: search, girls: "no", me: search, girls: "no", finally...)  "How about paper mache maracas?"  "YES!!"

Before I go on...I am not going to tell you how to make the maracas in this post.  I'll save that for when we can re-make them and they turn let's continue...

I knew we had flour, water and newspaper in the house, and I thought for sure we had some left over water balloons lying around.  After looking all over the place, I could NOT find the balloons.  I've got my girls all psyched up for these maracas and now we can't make them...what to do...? about a sandwich bag?  I'll just blow air into it, twist the top so the air can't get out, and tie it off with a twisty tie...  Good idea, in theory (mistake #1).

My girls had a ton of fun playing in the paste (mistake #2) and wrapping their sandwich bags in newspaper.  See the paste dots in the photo below?  Take that x20.  That's what our table looked like when they were done.  Next time I'll put some newspaper or plastic over the table before we start.

Besides the mess, so far, so good, right?  The sandwich bags were wrapped, they were holding their air, all looked good, and we set our maracas on the table to dry over night.

The next morning, the maracas were mostly dry.  The girls were excited but I told them they had to wait until they dried completely before we could move on to the next steps.  We left them on the table to finish drying (mistake #3).

I was in the shower and suddenly heard some loud screaming and yelling.  I got out and yelled at the girls for screaming.  Tottie yelled back at me, "TJ!...My maraca!"  Oh, great...downstairs on the floor I discovered what the yelling was all about.  The dog thought the maraca was a chew toy...

At first, it looked as though the maraca might be ok.  On closer inspection...holes...lots of holes...Though the back side looked intact...

We still had one maraca intact at this point in time.  We must continue this project!

Remember mistake #1 up there?...Using a sandwich bag instead of a balloon?....Yeah, this is what happened when I untied the twisty tie...a MUCH larger hole than I wanted....

And this is what happened when I tried to pull the sandwich bag out of the paper mache...

You see, the sandwich bag bag wasn't taut like a balloon.  It had creases in it when we paper mached over it.  I didn't think that the creases would end up in the paper mache vs simply sliding smoothly out.  So much for our maracas.  Let's clean up...

In anticipation of adding a second layer of paper mache to our maracas the next day, I had put our paste in the fridge over night.  Obviously we are not going to try making these again any time soon, so I needed to discard the left over paste.  I knew enough not to put the paste down the drain because it was a potential drain clogger.  I thought I would pour the paste into a plastic bag and then put it in the garbage...I just didn't check the bag for holes before I poured the paste into it (mistake #4)... 

Yep, there you have complete FAILURE at making paper mache maracas with my girls.  We lived, I learned, and we'll try again...


  1. These are hilarious... Thanks for being real :)

  2. We used a light bulb as a kid and then broke it and had maracas.

  3. lol- Half the fun is in the trying!

  4. Paper Mache Maracas were the first organized craft project I was ever involved in.

    I was four. We p.m.'ed a LIGHT BULB. Yes, it was a very, very long time ago.

  5. DId I post the comment? Enjoy your day.

  6. I bet you really laugh at this when you think of it, I had a good laugh my self. Visiting from SITS. Congratulations on being featured, you deserve it, HAPPY SITS DAY!

  7. Ha, ha, ha! You have such a good attitude about it! And the fact that you would even attempt paper mache makes you a hero in my book! ;) Happy SITS day! :)

  8. Too funny, sounds like something at my house! Happy SITS Day!

  9. Well, I know what project I won't be doing. I'm quite certain I would have added several more mistakes in there. Way to stick it out and try!

    Happy SITS Day!

  10. Sometimes it is just as helpful to know what not to do in a project! Thanks for doing the hard work and sharing the mistakes! At least you had a sense of humor about it - which sometimes saves the day! Stopping by from SITS.

  11. The thing is, that almost sounds more fun than doing it correctly. I'm sure the kids got ahuge kick out of making a mess at least. Happy SITS day!

  12. If you're going to mess up, doing it big and with flare! That's what my friend always told me.

    Sorry it didn't work out. I hope things go better next time.

  13. Too funny! I love that you shared a fail. Stopping by from SITS.

  14. This post made me giggle the entire time. This is so something that could happen at my place! I am totally going to have to follow your blog now :)

  15. I don't know if my last comment went through, so sorry if this hits you twice..

    Giggled through this whole post. I could see this happening at my place! I am now following your blog :)

  16. Hehe I've done so many things like that before. It happens.


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