Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Coloring WITH Your Kids

The tag line of our Toys In The Dryer blog is "ideas for living in the moment with your kids."  The whole purpose of this blog is to get you interacting and doing things with your children.  We have a ton of fun and crafty ideas around here and we hope they inspire you.  However...sometimes it's not about the super cool, crafty stuff...sometimes it's just about time with your kids.

When was the last time you sat down and did something simple--nothing fancy, not a ton of supplies, not a lot of thought required?  When was the last time you did a craft or activity with your children instead of supervising them.  When was the last time you let your inner child out to play?

(Thanks to Hubby for taking this photo while I enjoyed time with my girls)

Early in this blog I did a post about cloud watching.  It's a great, free and fun activity that allows you to spend time with your kids.  Today, I'm encouraging you to color.  I'm not talking about getting out the crayons/coloring books and supervising your kids while they color and you do the dishes, sit on the computer, or do something else...No, I'm talking about getting out the crayons/coloring books and sitting down to color with your kids.   

Grab some crayons for yourself, relax, and let your inner child flow.  There are plenty of free online printable pages out there.  Just search "free coloring pages".  You can even find some "cut and color" pages for something even more crafty.  The whole point is to do a simple, frills-free craft that allows you to spend some quality time with your children.  You'll be amazed at the things you might discuss over this craft too!


  1. That's a great reminder!! I've found some pretty cool printables on Pintrest... I may have to print them out and do some coloring with my kids!

  2. Love it - Recently my guy embarked on his own journey to put together and paint his model ship and was so proud he did it himself. I wish we did it together, but he did a great job! We have some cool printables of our diverse characters on our site. Let us know what you think. Happy New Year!

  3. I love the free play reminder. Thank you for sharing it at Sharing Saturday!


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