Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lunch Box Notes

We all know that bento box lunches are the rage lately.  Search the internet and you'll find all kinds of moms showing off how creative they can be with their kid's lunches.  In fact, Lindsi has come up with some great bento lunches!  I, however, am not that creative, nor do I feel I have the time to go crazy packing a lunch that my daughter may (or may not) scarf down in 10 minutes.  I bet most of you feel the same (kudos to those who are more like Lindsi though!).
So how do I make my daughter's lunch special?  How do I compete with an awesome bento box?  I put random notes in her lunch box!

This is not a new idea.  In fact, my mom used to put notes in my, my sister's, and even my dad's lunch box when I was growing up.  From a simple, "I love you," to a longer heartfelt letter, I loved being surprised when I opened my lunch.

I now pass the tradition on to Nutty and will continue it when Tottie is in school.  Like my mom, I have no set schedule.  Random notes are much more fun.

For now, my notes are simple.  Nutty is only in first grade and I want her to be able to read them herself.  They'll get more meaningful and personal as time goes on and she is able to read more.  Despite the simplicity, Nutty enjoys the notes and though she doesn't say it straight out, I know they make her feel special at lunch time.

Do you put notes in your child's lunch?


  1. I agree- I'm totally not that creative when it comes to food but I love the note idea. My sons are too little for school yet but when they go I even plan on placing notes in random spots in their notebooks and textbooks. I hope a love note falls out of my son's book in a class in high school!

    1. What a great idea to hide them in notebooks and textbooks! Might have to do that too!


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