Monday, September 10, 2012

Pillow[ology] by Sleep Number

Ok Lindsi and Jamie, isn't it Monday?  Aren't you suppose to be doing an activity post?  Why are you talking about pillows on an activity day?
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Let us explain...According to WebMD"Pillows can not only impact the quality of our sleep, but also how healthfully we rest and recharge."  According to us, and based on common sense, if you aren't rested and recharged, you can't spend quality time with, or do activities with your kids.  Both of us have slept on some BAD pillows and we've woken up with headaches and sore necks.  We live out the next day, or two, drugged up on ibuprofen (or something stronger) and can barely get by, let alone, do extra activities with our kids.  
Sleep Number knows that not only does your bed make a difference in your sleep, your pillow does too.  That's why they've come up Pillow[ology] to help you find your perfect pillow so you can rest and have energy to do things with your kids.  
We had a chance to visit our local Sleep Number store and go through the Pillow[ology] process.  In three easy steps we designed our perfect pillow.  Not only was it fun, it was eye-opening.  After talking with the sales person, we choose our outer shells, inner supports, and outer protectors.  Lindsi knew pretty much right away what she was looking for.  Her greatest choice was between the down vs down alternative.  She ultimately chose the down alternative outer shell and down alternative inner support with the In Balance outer protector (she likes that cool pillow feeling).  Jamie, on the other hand,  made a mess trying to find her perfect pillow!
Jamie realized that she's been sleeping on the wrong type of pillow for a while!  She thought she would like the memory foam stuff but quickly learned that down was better for her.  Problem is, she doesn't like the pokiness of down.  Ultimately, she chose the down alternative outer shell (doesn't poke you like down can), down inner core, and the cotton outer protector.  

After sleeping with our Pillow[ology] pillows for two weeks, we can't be happier!  We have both truly found our perfect pillow.  Of course, we knew we would because we designed it ourselves!  No more waking up with headaches and neck aches due to the wrong pillow.

So, how well are you sleeping?  Do you have the energy to play with your kids?  Do you think you might need a new pillow?  Check out Sleep Number's Pillow[ology].  The combinations are endless (ok, not endless, but there are definitely a lot of them!) in finding your perfect pillow.  And, as a benefit, they've got options with silver in them to help those with allergies!  

What are you waiting for?  More energy to spend with you kids is just a pillow away...

We both receive a Sleep Number Pillow[ology] pillow for our review for this post.  All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. This is actually kind of helpful.

    I had a big down pillow for years until it exploded. (aah, good times.)

    Since then, I've found zero pillows that work for me--to the point where I don't use a pillow anymore. I sleep on my freaking *face*. :P


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