Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Toys In The Dryer, Then and Now

Toys In The Dryer is 1 Year Old!!
One year ago today, Toys In The Dryer published our very first post, Introducing Toys In The Dryer!.  We are both proud and excited that we have made it to our 1 year blogiversary.  We have grown leaps and bounds over this past year and we can not thank our readers enough for helping us do that!  Did you know we've published 265 posts so far?!  It doesn't really feel like it to us!

If you've been following us from the very beginning, you know that a few things have changed over this year:
We had a (very) brief period where we had a Mom of the Week meme.  After only two weeks we decided that MOTW was not going to be very popular.  Why we gave up after 2 weeks when we were less than 2 months old is beyond us, but we changed to Fun Stuff Fridays.  FSF became popular in it's 21 week run averaging 220 link ups per week in the end.  However, we feel that FSF has run it's course being similar to many other linky parties out there.  We now bring you Pin it, Did it! which will NOT be a meme or linky party at this time, however, people are more than welcome to share their projects in the comment area.  See our introduction and first post this Friday.

Toys In The Dryer started as a hodge podge of whatever posts we could come up with.  We now have a set schedule: 
Mondays are Activities
Tuesdays are Tasty Treats
Wednesdays are Crafts 
Thursdays are a Hodge Podge of guest posts, sponsored posts, or whatever we feel like
Fridays will be Pinned it, Did it!

Though a few things have changed, some things remain the same:
We still strongly believe in authentic followers and have never required follows or likes to enter any of our contests and we never will.  As we've said multiple times, we'd rather have 50 readers than 150 followers.  We are excited that we have grown in our following without asking.

The whole purpose of Toys In The Dryer remains stead fast and true.  We started our blog to inspire ourselves to make memories with our children and we've done just that!  We thank our fans and followers their continued encouragement.  

P.S. Our love for "The Chicken" remains alive and well! 

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