Monday, September 24, 2012

Minnesota Blogger Conference #2 Recap

This past Saturday, I attended the third annual Minnesota Blogger Conference.  Lindsi and I went for the first time last year and it was fabulous, so I did not miss the chance to attend this year!
Like last year, I was so busy socializing, tweeting (until my phone died) and paying attention to the speakers that I completely forgot to take photos!  Unlike last year though, a LOT of people knew who I was (or at least had heard of Toys In The Dryer).  It may have helped that we were on the Minnesota Blogger Conference website's front page for a Q&A about last year's conference.  The funny thing though, is that I was most memorable for the logo t-shirts we wore to the conference last year.  Everyone asked why I wasn't wearing my shirt.  They also asked why my partner (Lindsi) wasn't with me.  Unfortunately, for personal reasons, she was unable to attend.
Photo is from our Plates In The Dryer event but it is a great shot of our shirts.

Again, I gained a wealth of information at the conference.  My favorite session was actually the first one I attended.  It was Behind the Scenes:  Brands and Blogger Relations Programs by Lauran Melcher of Trying All the Things.  She talked about how brands partner with bloggers, where brands look to find bloggers, and so much more!
 Her presentation actually helped me with ideas for a presentation I hope to do next month to a bunch of marketers about working with bloggers.  Her presentation even had me dreaming about pigs that night! (She talked about the MN Pork Board partnering with bloggers--we were wondering why they suddenly started following us on Twitter!).  I'm waiting for the end of today--hopefully everyone will have their presentations online and I can see the sessions that I wanted to attend but were my second option.

Thanks to donations from the attendees and Glimpses of Soul Photography donating the money received from head shots, we raised just under $1000 for the featured charity Free Arts Minnesota!  We have an awesome (and giving) group of bloggers in MN!  

Speaking of Glimpses of Soul, that head shot in our header is from last year's conference.  Unfortunately, Lindsi was not with me this year to update our head shot together but I did get an individual one that I can't wait to see!  I KNOW  it's going to be good--just look at last year's!
Again, I am amazed that being on your phone, laptop, and/or tablet while someone is presenting is ok (and even expected!) at this conference.  It's just funny to look ahead of you, or down the row, and see almost everyone's faces in their electronic devices instead of looking at the speaker.    

Thanks to Missy Berggren and Arik Hanson (the founders of the conference), the entire planning team (can be found here--too many to name), and the sponsors:
Allina Health
Pioneer Press/Twin
National Camera Exchange
Strother Communication Group
Mall of America
Plum District
Sleep Number
Padilla Speer Beardsley
Glimpses of Soul Photography
Art House Print
Muddy Paws Cheesecake
for an awesome conference again this year!  I look forward to it again next year!


  1. It looks like it was great! I'm bummed to have missed it. I was taken down by the plague, would have much rather been there. Plague free of course.

    1. Missed you there. So sorry you had the plague :(

  2. Looks like it was great! I'm bummed that I missed it, but I was taken down by the plaque. I woudl have much rather been there. Plague free of course ;)

  3. Your headshot looks gorgeous! I culled them all yesterday and am working on them now. Hoping to get everyone's out soon!

  4. Behind the Scenes: Brands and Blogger Relations Programs by Lauran Melcher was the other session I wanted to get to but sat in on another. Love to get a recap from someone!!

  5. I saw you but was unable to connect! Glad you enjoyed the event.

  6. Wish I could have gone. Wedding stuff has taken over my life. Fortunately, the end is near!

  7. Great recap, loved seeing what you thought this year! Glad you loved it, even going solo!


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