Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick and Easy Meal Planning with Relish!--Giveaway too!

What's for dinner?  It is a question that many of us dread each day.  What is for dinner?  What do I have the ingredients for?  Ugh...I don't feel like cooking...

If you've been paying close enough attention to our blog, you know that Lindsi is a meal planning freak "expert" and Jamie has been trying her hand at meal planning too.  We both find meal planning to be helpful in stress, energy, and money saving.  It also helps with the dreaded, "What's for dinner?" question!  The one problem however, is the time it takes to come up with recipes.  Flipping through multiple different websites and cook books can get confusing and overwhelming.  Add in the time it takes to make a grocery list for all your meals and making a weekly meal plan can take up to 1/2 a day!

That's where Relish! comes in!  We've been using Relish! for our meal planning for a little over 2 months and we couldn't be happier!  The first week Jamie used Relish! her Facebook status said, "Trying out a new online meal planning service. Just did my entire week of 6 meals PLUS my entire grocery list in 15 minutes!!"  Yep, it took 15 minutes for her to make and entire week of meals PLUS a grocery list!

(Actual meal made by Jamie)

Relish! has SUPER good food to choose from, is easy to navigate, and completely takes the stress out of meal planning!  They've got freezer meals, vegetarian menus, super quick, simple gourmet, and tons of kid friendly recipes.  Are you a gluten free family?  Check out Relish!'s sister site, GfreeCuisine.

Ok, ok, so you're asking what makes Relish! different from the other meal planning sites out there...We asked the same thing!  Believe us, Relish! IS different, and better!
  1. It's cheap (only $7 per month!)
  2. It uses only fresh ingredients (but in a money saving way)
  3. It automatically makes your grocery list (and separates it by isles in the store--bonus!)
  4. It offers many different types of meals
  5. You can make freezer meals while you make your weekly plan
  6. There's a favorite folder
  7. You can make custom recipes
We have yet to find another that offers the same things that Relish! does.  Trust us, if we didn't think Relish! was worth checking out, we wouldn't be posting about it.  Watch the video then see below for our giveaway!

One of our readers will receive a 3 month subscription to Relish!
By entering our giveaway you automatically receive a 2 week trial!  ABSOLUTELY NO COMMITMENT!  Simply visit http://www.relishrelish.com and click on the "redeem a voucher" in the upper left corner.  Enter in TOYS and you're set!

Like Relish! and want to continue your subscription beyond 2 weeks?  Get 20% off your subscription by using the promo code DRYER when you click "join".
Both of us received a 3 month subscription to Relish! in order to review the site.  The opinions in this post are 100% ours.


  1. It looks like a cool service. I get depressed sometimes looking at recipes of things where the ingredients are not easily available in Chile. I still might sign up, though.

    1. My sister takes Carnation Instant Breakfast with her to Chile every time she visits because you can't get it there :)

  2. looks neat! I just started meal planning about 3 weeks ago and have found it so helpful and a good way to cut down on mid-week shopping trips!

  3. The recipes look delicious and the site seems to be a real timesaver. I'm looking forward to trying it out!

  4. The recipes look delicious and the site seems like such a timesaver! I'm looking forward to trying it out!

  5. Oh and the meal I'm most looking forward to trying out this week is the Szechwan shrimp. I'm terrible at cooking Asian food, so if this works out, I will consider the site (and myself, haha) a huge success!


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