Thursday, May 31, 2012

12 fun Beach Day Activities

1. Fill a bucket relay- Set up a bucket a few feet from the water. Have each child race to the water and fill their hands with water and race back to the bucket to dump it in. Time them to see how fast they can fill the bucket up with water using only their hands!

2.Go on an archiological dig- Dig deep into the sand to find rocks and trinkets. Discuss how each item looks, feels, and even smells. Explain how the smooth rocks got their feel from the waves crashing over them and buffing them smooth. Tell them how the sharp and jagged rocks may not have been in the water very long and they haven't been smoothed by the water.

3. Look for sea glass- Did you know that glass is smooth after it has been in the water for some time? Mason jar glass often takes a blue color to it when it has been buffed by the waves and shore. Brown glass is usually from root(beer) bottles and red sea glass is considered one of the rarest colors! See if you can collect enough sea glass to make a mosaic picture frame.

4. Collect sea shells- If you live near the ocean or a large body of water try and find a shell large enough to hold up to their ear. Have them listen to the sound inside. Ask them what they think the sound is: is it the ocean, is it an animal, is it the toilet (yes, my kids say this!).

Jamie in the beach at Santa Monica
5. Bury more than your feet!- Have them cover mom or dad completely in sand. Leave your head out though (and remind yourself that you are getting a free exfoliation out of the deal). When they are done have them put funny glasses on you, a silly hat and snap a photo!

6.Build a sandman- Just like you do in the winter with snow except use sand and beach toys for the face. It is a blast!

7. Make jewelery- Collect seashells along the beach and string them onto yarn or a piece of string and make necklaces and bracelets out of them. A fun keepsake, free jewelery and a great story.

8. Silent pictures- Sit across from each other in the sand, smooth out the sand in between you and draw pictures in the sand. The person drawing can only say yes or no.

9. Make a city- Forget the sandcastle making! Make a city. Include skyscrapers, landmarks, roads and vehicles. This keeps them busy for hours.
Sand Castle 1

10. Finger soccer- Smooth out a section of sand, make goals on each end. Find a small seashell and use that as your soccer ball. You can only use your fingers to flick the seashell to the goal.

11. Make sand angels- Just like in the winter except with sand! So fun! Afterwards run and jump in the water to rinse off.

12. Treasure hunt- Just like the pirates from long ago....bury a treasure and mark it with an X. Search high and low for the best treasure hiding spot.

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  1. I love going to the beach. THis is a great list of activities! Thanks!!


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