Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make Your Own Harmonica

My daughter came home from Kindergarten with this homemade harmonica and I thought it was so cool and simple that I had to share it with our readers!
My girls spent hours (I'm not joking!) playing with this simple harmonica!  For hours of fun with your kids you'll need:

2 large popsicle/craft sticks (or tongue depressors)
1 large rubber band
2 small rubber bands
1 straw

Step 1)  Cut 2 pieces off of your straw that are 3/4 to 1 inch in length

Step 2)  Wrap the large rubber band around one craft stick

Step 3) Slip the straw pieces under the rubber band (one on each end)

Step 4)  Use the 2 small rubber bands to put the other craft stick on top and bind the two sticks together.  One rubber band on each end on the outside of the straw pieces.

Step 5)  Play your harmonica!  If no sound comes out at first, have your kids press down with their lips while blowing to make the sticks come together a little more.


  1. Love this idea! I've done kazoos with toilet paper rolls and wax paper, but never have used popsicle sticks. Thanks for posting!

  2. This is super cute. Going to make for letter H week. I love simple crafts. If we painted the sticks do you think it would make a difference on the sound. I love to add color to everything,lol. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie (work in progress)

    1. Valerie, it shouldn't make difference in the sound if you paint the sticks. We've colored ours with marker before and it's made no difference in sound. Glad you like this idea!!


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