Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Tooth Fairy Certificate Printable

My oldest daughter had to have her first two teeth pulled instead of losing them because her permanent teeth were growing behind her baby teeth. She was devastated that she didn't get to lose her teeth on her own so I thought I needed to do something extra special from the tooth fairy.
I searched the internet for some fun ideas and got a ton of inspiration!  I also discovered that a lot of those ideas cost more money than I was willing to spend!  Me being quite computer savvy decided that I could take that inspiration and make something on my own!

It started with a letter to and from the tooth fairy because Nutty wanted to keep her teeth for show and tell at school.  She was nervous that the tooth fairy would take them even if she didn't put them under her pillow.
The next night came an Official Certificate Of Record, money, and she got to keep her teeth!!  The letter was typed on regular printer paper but the Certificate Of Record was printed on card stock.  Nutty was so excited about the certificate that she took it to show and tell the next day at school (even though it wasn't her day for it).  
Click on the image above to download it for your child.  It will fit on 1/2 of an 8.5x11in paper.  Of course you will have to hand write in your info (or use photo editing software to fill in the blanks with typing).

Again, click on the image above to download it for your child.  This is the symbol to use if you want to make a personalized matching letter for your child like I did.

Helpful hints:
1)  My daughter asked why some of her friends got different things, amounts of money, and different (or no) certificates from the tooth fairy.  I told her that there is more than one tooth fairy so her friends may have gotten a different fairy.  I also told her that not all tooth fairies belonged to the Tooth Fairy Federation so their rules may be different.

2)  I signed my daughter's certificate "Twila T. Fairy" but did not sign the blank certificate in case you wanted to give your fairy a different name.  I may give my second daughter a different fairy (but keep the same certificate from the Tooth Fairy Federation).

3)  Make sure if you hand write in the certificate that you disguise your writing (maybe even have a friend fill it in for you).  You'd be amazed how your children can recognize your handwriting!

4)  I will have my daughter leave a note with all the rest of her teeth she looses so that her tooth fairy can fill out certificates for every tooth.

What have you given your children from the tooth fairy?


  1. I love this idea. It makes losing teeth such an honor...and it's great record-keeping of which tooth was lost and when.

    1. I love the Certificate of Record and the letter from the tooth fairy. Great idea of sharing about the tooth fairy being from a special federation.

      I'm also interested in a a downloadable tooth fairy symbol. I know I'd use it if you made one. My personal e-mail address is Thank you!

  2. Losing teeth are still a few years away in my house but I downloaded and saved the file for the future. Such a cute way to keep records! Thanks for sharing!

  3. ACKKKK I love this but I cant get it to work.. of course we lost our first tooth tonight!!! My personal email is if you get this message can you send it to me? THANKS!!

  4. Thank you! I search everywhere for a printable like this but I was unable to find one. I managed to make my own certificate for the first but it was so much work I've passed up several more opportunities. Love the 'seal'. Glad I found you today as the toothfairy is expected tonight!

  5. This is awesome, thank-you! I would much appreciate a downloadable tooth fairy symbol like the one in the letter so that I can write letters from the fairy that match the certificate.

  6. perfect... thank you so much for sharing this

  7. Great ideas. I'd love to get a copy of the downloadable tooth fairy symbol like the one in the letter. My email address is Thanks a bunch :)

  8. Thank you!! My husband and I Love this. We would love to have the downloadable tooth Fairy Symbol. For some reason we could not download the letter or the certificate. My email address is

  9. Yes please make the file with the matching symbols! I loved this already did it for 1 and I would love to have the letter match. Thanks.

  10. Love this - thank you for sharing. I did have issues trying to download, but after a few tries, finally got it.

  11. I would love to have the downloadable letter and symbol. Having trouble downloading. Please e-mail
    Thank you so much!!

  12. This is sooo cute thank you! Using it tonight!


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