Monday, May 21, 2012

7 Children's Games for Your Memorial Day Party

We almost always get together with friends and family for Memorial Day.  While it's fun to let the kids do their own things, it's also fun to have some structured things to do too.  Here's some fun Memorial Day party games for kids:
1)  Patriotic musical chairs--It's the same as musical chairs but you play patriotic music!

2)  Red, white, and blue scavenger hunt--Set a time limit and have the kids find as many red, white, and blue things as they can.  The child with the most objects wins!

3)  Uncle Sam Says--Simon Says only patriotic!

4)  Puzzle race--Print out and color two identical patriotic coloring pages.  Cut them up into identical puzzle pieces (i.e. cut them together, one on top of the other).  Separate into two teams.  The first team to put the puzzle together wins.

5)  Make a person into a flag--Buy some red, white, and blue streamers.  Separate into two teams.  Have the children decorate an adult like an American flag using the streamers.  The best "flag" wins.

6)  Red light/blue light--Same as red light/green light except with patriotic colors!

7)  Name it--Sit in a circle, the first person names something red, the second, something blue, the third, something white, the fourth, something red again and so on.  Each person gets 5 seconds to come up with something.  If they can't think of something new they are out of the game.  Keep going until there is only on person left.  

What do you and your children do on Memorial Day?

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