Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Egg Carton School Buses

crafts to make with egg cartons
The Wheels On The Bus- It's a song we all know, right? Well I saw these hanging in the classroom of my middle son. I couldn't resist sharing with you how to make them because they are SO adorably cute!

crafts to make with egg cartons
Here is what you will need
Egg carton
Yellow paint
Black marker

crafts to make with egg cartons

Have your child(ren) paint the egg carton in a school bus yellow color.Water color paints don't work very well because the color doesn't dry very bold and it leaves the bus looking blah!

Let the "bus" dry over night so that it is read for the wheels and label tomorrow.
Color two black circles on the egg carton and write SCHOOL BUS on the top.
I couldn't help but fall in love with the way these adorable buses were displayed. It would take us a while to save enough egg cartons to make an entire mobile but nonetheless it was worth making!
crafts to make with egg cartons
crafts to make with egg cartons
Hope you will make some buses with your kiddos and will share with us how they went!


  1. These are so cute!! Just wanted to pass on the Sunshine Award to you. You can see the details at

  2. Carrie- Thanks for the award! Glad you liked the buses!


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