Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Make a Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving is around the corner (at least it is in the U.S.) and what better way to get your kids in the spirit than to create a Thankful Tree together. I saw something similar at a local craft store and they wanted $100 for entire cost $2.97

Here is what you need:
A tree branch (preferably one with lots of twigs)
A bucket or pot to put the tree in
Sand (or I used a foam ball) to secure the tree in the pot
Spanish Moss to cover the base of the tree
A marker
Hot glue gun
Construction paper leaves (or foam leaves, like I used)

Step 1:
Cut out leaves using construction paper (or cheat and purchase foam ones at a craft store).
Ask your kids to list things they are thankful for.
Write them (or have them write on it if they are able) on the leaves, using one word.
thankful tree
Step 2:
Secure tree branch to bucket or pot using your sand or foam ball.
thankful tree

Step 3:
Cover the base of the tree with Spanish moss.
thankful tree

Step 4:
Glue leaves on the tree. (Make sure the adult does this part)

thankful tree


  1. this would actually make a great center piece for thanksgiving ! thanks for the idea.

    now to find the perfect branch....

  2. This is such a cute tree. I love the simplicty & that there is more to it than a constrution paper trunk! Thanks so much for sharing on TGIF Linky Party! I can't wait to see what you link up next!
    Beth =-)

  3. This is great! I've also tapped the leaves to our front window. Using Window Markers, built the tree then added the leaves facing out for all to enjoy. Happy Crafting!

  4. Such a great way to help kids get in the spirit of the season and learn gratitude! Would you share here?

  5. Wow.This turned out amazing..Perfect turn out and soo festive for the season.. I would LOVE for you to please share it via my thanksgiving linky party pweease. - TY -- wishing you an amazing start to your week..


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