Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Healthy alternative to pop/soda

Do your kids love pop/soda?  Do you worry about the amount of sugar and calories they are consuming because of pop/soda?  Try this healthy, fun alternative!

You'll need:
  • Seltzer water (not tonic water or club soda--seltzer water)
  • Any kind of fresh fruit or 100% fruit juice
  • Small strainer (optional)
  • Small blender (if using harder fruits such as strawberries or apples)
The easy way of making pop/soda alternative:
Mix 100% fruit juice and seltzer water to taste.  That's easy isn't it?

The fun way of making pop/soda alternative:

1) Squeeze citrus fruits into the seltzer water.  If you're like me, squeeze them over a small strainer to avoid pulp in you "pop/soda" (I HATE pulp!).

2) Smash semi-hard fruits through the strainer so that the juice goes through.  Above, I used a kiwi.  (Yum!  kiwi/lime was good!)

3) Puree harder fruits such as strawberries or apples in a blender than smash them through the small strainer to the juice goes through.  (Sorry, no photo)

Add some ice and enjoy!  If you use fresh fruits you may have to add a pinch or two of sugar (or sugar substitute) to sweeten up your drink.  I guarantee the amount of sugar you add will still be less than store bought pop/soda!

How much pop/soda do your kids drink?  Do you think they'd try an alternative?

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